What Are Filiform Warts And What Cause Them

filiform-warts-1Filiform wart overview

Filiform wart is usually growing on the face near lips and eyelids but also can be found on any part of the body, normally children see them often. These warts are long and narrow growing tumors which really spoils the view of human beauty. Only good thing is that they are not dangerous and non cancerous tumors and can be easily cured by dermatologist or home remedies, treating these growths are not consuming your life time.

After passing several years or few months that type of wart should disappear on its own without leaving any mark or scar. Even so, these warts are likely to appear on very visible spots like lips, eyelids, chin so people usually wants get rid of them very fast.

Filiform wart is easy to recognize because they have a different looking type. These warts are looking like a narrow, small twig which appears on the skin. Normally it is colored in tan and is growing in dozens because they can easily change their location and appear in new place at any part of the body.

Causes of filiform wart

Usually warts are caused by the human papilloma virus HPV. If you have a cut or any other open wound HPV can easily enter the first layer of the skin and start growing it cells. So in the results tumor (wart) is produced which is ruining the view of that part of body.

If your wound is infected and not disinfected you can infect other person by touching him you will lead the virus to another, new spot. But spreading virus by touching other person is really rare and often occurs for those who are involved in team games like basketball, football because there you can easy get wound and someone who are infected can infect you. Usually it happens between children since they are reckless and careless.

So the main causes of filiform wart:

  • Any kind of (HPV) Human papillomavirus
  • Contact with other infected person

Keep in mind that every person have a different immune system so each of us can react different to HPV and in results we can have different types of warts or just don‘t gain warts.

What are the symptoms

The main and most seen symptoms of these warts are bleeding, spreading and itching warts. As I told you before often these warts are likely to appear around the mouth, nose and eyes, often grow quickly. And if your wart is spreading very quickly it’s probably a filiform wart. That wart looks like long thread or thin fingers.

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