Subungual And Periungual Warts Are The Same

subungual and periungual wartsThe warts which ones are growing under finger and toe nails are called both names subungual and periungual warts. These warts are growing very fast and it can permanently damage your nails so it needs immediately treatment. Like many other warts you can try removing these warts by home remedies but you must find the best ones, I will give you some examples later. Therefore you can take medical and surgery removal as well.

If you just were to a doctor and he’s told you that you have a periungual wart I think you asked him to explain more specifically. He’s explained you, but when you got home you searched through internet for subungual warts and you couldn’t find much right? This is because subungual warts are often called periungual warts.

Are there differences between subungual and periungual warts?

Many people have asked me are subungual and periungual warts the same type, looking warts? These warts are one hundred percent the same we just don’t know why in some cases doctors are calling with different names, I think there is a little bit of commerce.

Subungual and periungual warts treatment options

Firstly let’s talk about medical treatment it’s most used so it’s most effective. Because subungual warts are the same like periungual we have a post about periungual warts treatment you can check it and find trusted option for treatment. So shortly you can try Wartrol its world trusted fast acting liquid which can easily remove any type of wart. Also you can find many products at any pharmacy.

Surgery treatment is effective and it will definitely remove your wart, but it can leave you a scar or if removed wrong can even back and even bigger and painfully. I don’t suggest any people go for that kind of treatment right away better look for alternatives like medical or trusted programs.

Home remedies are always welcome for every person because natural removal can’t give you any negative effect even if it’s ineffective. You can only lose some bucks for buying required products. Like I mentioned in previous post about periungual wart treatment garlic is very effective and acceptable. Also you can give a try on apple cider vinegar.

I hope you now understand that subungual and periungual warts are one and the same stuff.


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5 thoughts on “Subungual And Periungual Warts Are The Same”

    • Here’s what I did, and it worked!!! I cut the tip of a rubber glove. About 1 and a half inches. I put some apple cider vinegar in it, and put it over my finger tip. I wrapped a rubber band around the glove tip, snug enough to keep the vinegar in, but not so tight that it cut off blood flow completely. I tried to keep the wart constantly immersed in apple cider vinegar. Sometimes I had to take the glove tip off and add some apple cider vinegar and put it back on again. What I discovered is that a wart is like a scab of an open wound. The apple cider vinegar will start stinging. Be prepared to endure some discomfort. I kept the wart immersed in apple cider vinegar for almost 3 days. It was not easy at times, but I was determined to get rid of the wart. After almost 3 days, I took the glove tip off to see what was happening. The wart was very loose. By wiggling it a bit, the wart came off. All of it. Down to its roots. I disinfected the hole with hydrogen peroxide, and bandaged it up. It healed and the wart was completely gone forever.

      • Here’s some follow up information to my original post. Another thing I noticed is that the healthy skin on my finger tip got shriveled up similar to what happens when you sit in the bath tub too long. However, the apple cider vinegar did not cause the healthy skin to sting. The apple cider vinegar caused the to wart sting like crazy. When I stopped this treatment, the shriveling of the healthy skin disappeared quickly (again, similar to the shriveling caused when you sit in the bath tub too long), and the complete wart came off in one piece.

        I recently tried this same technique on a subungual wart on my big toe. I found that the calluses on the bottom of my toe reacted similarly to the wart. That is, the calluses stung a lot. So much so that I discontinued that treatment after about a half a day, and am currently using a technique of periodically applying drops of apple cider vinegar to some cotton that I have taped to the edge of my toenail.

        For fingernails, or toenails on toes that are not callused, I would use the rubber glove tip technique. If there are significant calluses, I would use some cotton taped to the nail edge and make sure the cotton stays moist with apple cider vinegar.

  1. They are not exactly the same. Periungual warts form on the sides of nails…ie in the lateral folds. Subungual warts form UNDER the nail. They are treated in similar way. Medical treatment should also include beetle blood.

    You should note warts may look similar to onchyphosis so you should have it medically assessed.

  2. I think mine is a wart,it is partially under my thumbnail.I have been using Vick’s vapor rub and water proof bandaids. the hard dry skin is leaving now I see like a hole with black dots.I am assuming this is the core.Been dealing with it for a few years,the dryskin gets taller and cracks on both sides very painful.Hoping once the black dots are gone it means I have killed it.

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