Periungual Warts – What Are Them And What Cause Them


periungual wartsWhen periungual warts started growing on your body it can ruin your beautiful body view and even harm your social life because you will be embarrassing the way you are looking at the moment. If you started seeing any skin growth it is advisable to consult with your doctor and start proper treatment. Many of warts are caused by HPV (Human papillomavirus) it has over 100 strains identified at the moment and one of them is periungual wart.

What are periungual warts?

Periungual warts are small tumors which can rapidly cover your fingernails and destroy the view. What makes these warts different from others is that it’s growing very fast and large it can even replace a nail it sound horrible. That’s why if you noticed any growth around your nails you have act fast and start looking for a problem. If a wart is not cured very fast it can permanently deform your nail shape and in very rare case it can cause even more serious problems like fungal infection.

How periungual wart is looking like?

As the rule these warts in the beginning are very small so it’s hard to notice and people may not spot at all. When you don’t spot the warts in the beginning it will rapidly become a huge growth. These warts appear around the toenails and fingernails as we can see it is very visible spots so you have to get rid of them fast. It is growing very big bumps and even can deform your nails. So if you started see any small bumps or growth around your fingernails or toenails it’s definitely periungual warts.

What causes periungual warts and how I usually get them?

The most common way of getting warts is person to person it means you can infect from other person who gave you a hand or towel. Because the HPV is very dangerous and very contagious it can easily spread over your body and infect any damaged skin spot. A lot depends on your immune system if yours is strong you may not get infected but if you’re weak you might get it quite easy. The easiest way of getting warts are open wounds HPV will easily spread over your vessels of course you must contact infected person to get this virus.

The prevention of periungual wart

As I mention above you usually get infected by infected person so we suggest if you notice a person with any kind of warts you should avoid any contact with him but if anybody is sick from your family you should not share anything with him, for example towels, nail trimmers, manicure equipments, clothes and so on. If you entered shower after him make sure you clean up everything first and when you can take a shower. Avoid public places where many people are coming especially wet places.

 The symptoms of periungual wart

Any bumps, flushes, tumors around your toenails and fingernails are the symptoms of periungual warts. In some cases these infected spots are itching so take attention to this. I mentioned not much symptoms but these are the most observed.

Well these warts can really ruin our nails beauty and even affect our immune system so fast treatment is necessary. Also checking this website you’ll be able to find treatment options for this type of warts.

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