Periungual Warts: Treatment, Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

periungual warts treatment

Periungual warts looks aggressive as they grow around your finger and toenails.

Hands are our very visible part, right? So, we don’t want them to make us uncomfortable.

Teenagers and children have a higher chance of having a periungual wart.

Wondering why? More on that below.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how old are you, you might have these growth’s and so you should start necessary treatment right away.

Periungual Warts Causes, Symptoms

Periungual warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), from specific strains.

The virus itself is dangerous, because it’s linked with cervical cancer and genital warts. Whilst it is easy to get HPV, from public showers, toys, towels you should take more attention to your hygiene.

A good personal hygiene will reduce chance of getting HPV. If you have scraped or cut finger, it’s advisable to avoid a direct contact with infected person, also other people towels, daily stuff (makeup, shadows etc.).


  • Bumps around toe and fingernails;
  • Cracked nails;
  • Deform cuticles;

At least periungual warts are easy to recognize, because they grow around finger and toenails. These warts will interrupt regular growth of your nails and in some cases can break it, which is painful.

My advice don’t let it spread and take care of them quickly.

What treatment option should I choose?

I think this question is very relevant when you talk about treatment. When you are thinking about periungual warts treatment many questions are coming to your head.

What is the best removal option for me? Does it really work?

Does it really help me get rid of perungual wart forever?

Choosing treatment for periungual wart is a bit challenging but, firstly you have to answer yourself some questions.

How much money I can give away? How fast I want to get rid of periungual warts? Do I want natural treatment or medical? When you have answered these questions for yourself then you can take an approach and stick to it.

Periungual Warts Home Treatments

Treatment of home remedies for any type of wart is very similar because many home remedies can cure almost every type of wart. So the same method can cure several types of warts. Treatments at home are preferable for many people because it’s safe, cheap and natural. Therefore, below I will share some home remedies, but you probably saw them in other posts on this site.

Treating periungual warts with apple cider vinegar – is an effective and sometimes painful way to get rid of warts. That’s because ACV has acidity so when it contacts with your damaged skin it hurts.

You don’t have to be afraid to try it. Apple cider vinegar won’t make significant damage. Although it’s cheap and very simple method for warts. If it hurts very much when probably you might try another method. Check wart removal liquid.

How to use it?

  • Simply soak small piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar and then place it on wart make sure your warts is cleaned.
  • Cover it with bandage and leave it for a night. In the morning clean it thoroughly.

Garlic – another popular and really cheap method for wart removal. Peel garlic and rub it to the wart softly when cover it with bandage for a night. In the morning when you take off the bandage you’ll see a blister, its normal so don’t worry.

Wartrol – it’s a great product for any kind of wart removal. It’s easy used at home and it does not require any medical experience you can easily follow the instructions and do it by yourself. And the cost of this product is not very high so it’s available for everyone.

For more home remedies for any type of wart you can find on the site in home remedy posts.

How To Get Rid Of Periungual Warts

There are effective and simple methods for getting rid of them.

The most effective way for getting rid of periungual wart is over the counter product Wartrol.

Easiest and Fastest Method-Wartrolwartrol review

  • Clinically proven to remove warts caused by HPV
  • Safe and effective
  • Fast acting painless liquid
  • Convenient brush applicator
  • Contains 17% Salicylic acid
  • Free bottle discount available
Check price Read full review

Castor oil for periungual warts – castor oil has a high amount of ricinoleic acid that makes it a great wart killer. This acid has antibacterial and antifungal properties which stop warts from spreading and further grow.

What is cooler about castor oil is that it moisturizes our skin and improves its regeneration.

Cool Tip: Apply few drops of castor oil on the cotton ball and place it on the wart. Cover with a band-aid.

Want more information about castor oil for warts? Read this article.

Medical Treatment – Is it a Good Choice?

Some doctors think that periungual wart can disappear by themselves but it’s dangerous if you are waiting for themselves extinction. Some warts can even take two years of vanishing. First of all what you should to do is that you should take a visit to your doctor that he can see and value the wart danger level and offer appropriate treatment. Below are choices of medical removal what can doctor offering you.

Pharmacy products – you can find a lot of products there and ask apothecary for advice which one is better. I don’t suggest going to pharmacies and asking for advices. A better choice is going to your family doctor that he’s can appoint appropriate treatment.

Surgery Treatment – Only in Extreme Cases

This treatment of periungual wart is usually offered by doctors, but only when it’s no other way of removal. Any surgery treatment can leave you a scar or cause complications. But then we are speaking about periungual warts which must be vanished as fast as you can its very acceptable choice.

Laser surgery – the laser is burning your wart until its tissue is destroyed. Anesthetics can be used depending on your warts numbers, size and level of dangerous to you. It’s easy and kind of fast procedure easily done at doctor’s office or clinics.

Liquid nitrogen – your wart will be frozen by liquid nitrogen. Using this procedure it’s no danger of leaving a scar. To get the best results you should repeat this method several times and your wart will drop by itself.

If you need more information you can check treatment page and find out more about warts treatment.

I believe you can get rid of your warts.

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  1. Thank you so much for these idea,
    i had once done a laser surgery (coz i have a periungual warts) after 3months the warts came back! Smh😕 Useless i spend a lot of money on that surgery!

  2. Thank you so much for this!! I have been working really hard on getting rid of one on my thumb and ive been trying to the ACV method and it works sort of but i might try that soaking method you mentioned. Thank you

  3. Periungual warts have a variety of treatment options. Once the wart starts to grow underneath the nail it becomes quite hard to treat them. I was suffering with Periungual warts. I started using apple cider vinegar and I was seeing results. It was effective and i was able to get rid of wart.

  4. I have been cutting mine off with fingernail cutters. It does come back but does not look good. Will this spread to other nails eventually?

    • Yes, it will. MIne spread by doing the same thing. ALthough cutting them off before any kind of treatment makes the treatment more effective

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