Filiform Wart Removal Without Pain And Scar


filiform wart removalFiliform warts can really ruin our body beauty if it’s shown on face and as we know these warts are likely to grow near lips, eyelids or nose so it will ruin our beautiful face. We want to find a fast and safe way for filiform wart removal. There are many ways how we can do that, but how should I choose the best way for myself treatment, I think it’s very common question. At first I will exclude two biggest treatment options.

Medical filiform wart removal (by doctor)

Firstly I will talk more about medical treatment because I think it’s more used at the moment, but now we can see tendency of home treatment (remedies) and for better removal I suggest people go for natural, home wart removal.

Surgically method – your doctor can remove a filiform wart using his scalpel, its fast way but also dangerous. While removing your wart the virus can spread away and so cause scarring it means after surgery in recovery time you can see a scar in the same place where your wart was. It’s the reason why doctors are more likely to avoid this method and offering people for other options of removal. Quick note for your filiform wart removal if your wart is not in visible spot, maybe it’s on legs or hands you can take this way but it depends on you.

Electro surgery – is another way of filiform wart removal which I think is a little better option than surgically method. Your wart will be heated by an electric current which will destroy small blood vessels and so reducing blood lost. After heating, the dead tissue will be removed by doctor’s instrument. This option should not cause of scar occurrence.

Freezing your wart – it’s done by freezing wart with liquid nitrogen. This method is good because there isn’t used any scalpel or other doctor’s instrument. Your wart will be placed with a small amount of liquid nitrogen and with time your wart should be dropping off. For the best results you need to repeat the procedure several times so you will destroy the virus for all time. All doctors can guarantee you won’t get a scar by removing wart by freezing with liquid nitrogen.

Home remedies and natural treatment

Like I talked before you can find many surgically methods of removing warts, but the safest, less cost and the best methods are natural and home remedies so I will try to share the best of them. For natural treatment of warts you can use people’s eBooks, creams and many green products.

Baking soda paste – if your filiform wart is located on face you can use baking soda paste. Apply small amount of paste and water on the wart several times per day I suggest 2-3 times. You can expect results in few days.

Garlic – peel off the garlic and rub it on a wart carefully and then cover it with bandage. After 20-24 hours you can take off the bandage and its normal that a blister have formed don’t worry it will disappear by its own. You should repeat the process from two to three times per week.

Wartrol – is a product approved by the FDA for its ability to safely remove warts at home without painless or leaving a scar. It’s available without a prescription. Just apply wartrol on the wart using application brush, air dry for about 60 seconds. You don’t need to cover with a bandage or band – aid just repeat this procedure daily until wart is gone.

Combating Warts For Good – it’s an eBook written by Ana Robyns she have a really natural method of how permanently remove warts with natural products which you can find at any household. She has a step by step guide how to  warts in 3 days.

I only showed several filiform wart removal options, for more information you can check treatment page.

I hope my tips will help you get rid of wart permanently.

Good Luck.

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