Everything You Need To Know About Seed Wart

seed wartAny kind of wart can ruin any person life by negatively affecting his self-confidence.

Because many warts are growing on very visible skin spots and believe me they are looking very terrible and ugly.

When you don‘t like how are you looking you start feeling discomfort communicating with people. So to avoid all that you have to take an action and look for right treatment.

What is a seed wart?

Like all other types of warts these growths are the same because they all are small skin tumors which is caused by HPV infection.

For this kind of warts sunlight have a very strong impact by forcing it‘s faster growth thats why sun is making tratment more difficult. Seed wart have a very exclusive appearance we can’t say the same about other warts, in set terms it look like small black spots because of close blood vessels.

More specifically these warts can show up in many units even hundreds in one place but all other warts can only appear in small groups or on their own.

How can I recognize it?

The most prime thing what seed wart have and others don’t it’s a black dot on top of the wart. Because of that black speck you can easily recognize it and start appropriate treatment. Usually seed warts are growing on fingers where the skin is surrounding the nail and sometimes it occurs on the back of hands.  Is known that these warts can appear on foot as well having the same appearance rough bump with black specks on top. So the main two things you have to check is hands and wart top, don’t forget that a wart must have black dot on the top and is only growing on hands and sometimes on foot.

What are the reasons and causes of these growths?

The human papillomavirus or other words HPV is the main reason of many warts and so seed wart is caused too. This strange virus has over one hundred different kinds and until yet there is no medicine treatment that can heal human papillomavirus. The only one thing which can help us get rid of HPV is our immune system. Another and very popular ways to get these warts are by touching other people who are infected by this virus in fact you don’t even need to touch his body you can get infected by touching his towel or any other item which has touched his body.

How to secure yourself from getting infected

When people are faced to a wart they start thinking why I did get that wart, from where I get it and how to protect myself from getting it in the future. The first things you have to know that seed wart are caused by HPV so if you know anything about it you should realize common causes. But I will give you a top tips list how to insure yourself.

If you have a fresh wound stay away from public swimming pools, gyms and other places where you can easily get touched by other infected person.

Don’t share your hygienic equipment’s with others, let’s say your family members.

Stay improving your immune system.

I only showed you most used to work tips that can help you.

5 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Seed Wart”

  1. Thank you this page helped me a lot to find out what type of wart I have every other page doesn’t tell you this much

  2. I have many seed warts and penadural warts all over my fingers , I don’t know how to get rid of them and I’m scared because I read that they can lead to tumours and can push the nail off! What should I do ?

  3. What I did was a little creepy and painful but works best for me. I just cut that part of my skin using the nail cutter and keep digging through to that warts and keep cutting even it hurts and blood came out until I’ve seen no more warts (make sure to clean the nail cutter thoroughly before using) then after that I let it heal for a couple of days and my finger back to normal and leave no scars.. I cut it because I dont know what it is and i dont know what to do and I feel scared because it keeps on growing every single day. But I suggest you do the apple cider vinegar.

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